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We help startups to build and scale powerful apps


  • User growth
  • User behavior analytics
  • User funnels analytics
  • Market research
  • Competitive analytics
  • Product architecture
  • Wireframing


  • User interface
  • User experience
  • Responsive design
  • Illustration and iconography


  • WEB
  • iOS
  • Android
  • IoT
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality

Iteora dev team vs inhouse dev team

It is vital for a startup to form a highly competent team from the very beginning of its existence.

Startup market overview

Percent failed after four years (by industry)

Major cause of failure

Iteora dev team

Helps you to build and train your technical team

Is always on time

We always meet client deadlines. We have a great team and amazing capacities (over 100+ employees) which help us to deliver on time or even earlier.

Has all necessary resources and partners

Iteora has a base prepared for successful project implementation. An experienced team, a large variety of tech partners (payment systems, APIs, servers, etc) and 9 years of business expertise

Understands the startup mentality

Time, quality and perfect management. That is what we provide, plus everything you need at the investment stage.

Provides you with quality product

Upon completion of the work, we provide a full-cycle of software testing. Our QA department strives for the highest quality product. We provide a lifetime guarantee, which means that we will fix bugs and problems free of charge.

Major cause of failure

Startup dev team

Spends weeks looking for a suitable team

Misses deadlines

A startup in-house team usually consists of < 10 enthusiastic employees. Even at full capacity, you do not always have enough developers.

Takes a lot of time to find adequate team for the project

Time is slipping away while you’re trying to find an experienced specialist, the right and cost-effective technological partner, good server and etc.

Has bad prioritizing

As is always the case, at the beginning you are not sure what you should do first or how to assign priorities to the pile of tasks stacked up in your backlog. Time is passing by while you’re trying to figure it out.

Produces unsatisfactory products

The product is released, customers have purchased, but they are constantly facing problems when using your product. The team cannot provide a proper on-going operation week after week, month after month. Customers will not stand for this and eventually leave.

Last performed projects

Mobile Development



StryverApp is an Uber-like app for tutors. With Stryver your in-person tutor is right at your fingertips. Stryver is a geo-targeted app that displays available tutors in your area and lets you choose the best teacher according to subject,…


Mobile Development

phys-org News

Daily spotlight on science and technology news at
This includes stories in the field of physics, nanotechnology, electronics, space and earth sciences, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics etc.


Mobile Development


iOS application for social network

Media Network LLC (previously the social network re-appealed to us. This time we developed an iOS application that duplicates the functionality of the social network, making it more convenient for mobile users.

Features of the app:


Web Development


Intranet system for work automatization of travel agency network

One of the largest travel agencies of Saint-Petersburg “Deir Tour” faced the problem of efficient organization of its offices.
To solve this problem, we developed an intranet system that fully automated the operation of all offices  and made it transparent…


Web Development


System for building financial graphs

Our specialists have developed a portal and search engine for information on retirement topics for an investment company called “Neva-invest”.

System features:

  • A search robot that works with a specific topic
  • Storage of indexed data
  • Search on the indexed data

We are developers to whom you can trust


We work together with Iteora for over a year. During that period we realized that the Company is the best performer. The result of our cooperation is a social network of the new format. Furthermore, Iteora continues to consult us on the technical and other aspects.

Dmitry Kovalski



‘I am pleased with our effective cooperation with Iteora. For me, as a startup non-technical founder, it is valuable that they recognize business objectives and offer quick and effective solutions to achieve a project’s expected goals. I highly recommend Iteora Software as a reliable technical partner for your startup.’

Norman Schmidt


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