Web Portal for studying foreign languages online

Olangy is a new way to learn foreign languages. Service main focus - online video lessons with native teachers in 1-to-1 format. Video lessons - not a new idea, but Olangy has created it's own platform, which allows to provide not just a video lessons, but a lot of additional features - like homework, vocabulary

We have to take care about IT part for these promising startup. Building IT strategy, infrastructure, software - all was done by Iteora team.

Anna Sokolova, Project manager

The challenge

Olangy founders came to Iteora just with straight idea of this project. They have no idea what is possible and what is not, how much effort could take all required features.

Building of such kind of platform which has on board video streaming for desktop and mobile and a lot of additional features - always a big challenge. Special thing - problems with streaming video via browser on Apple devices.

Complete R&D process, web version and mobile version development should be finished in 6 month.

Customer profile

Founders of Olangy have complete no experience in information technologies, but have very strong business and marketing background. They have clear vision and business strategy to enter on language study market

The Solution

On the first steps of the project we have created dedicated R&D and Software development teams inside Iteora special for Olangy project. R&D team together with Olangy founders had make a deep market research and competitors analyze, developed requirements and specifications, created complete project documentation in compliance with ISO standards and has found solutions for video streaming.

Iteora Design Team created concept of design for the project and complete corporate identity package. Using UXpin and Invision software Iteora Design Team prepared clickable design templates for web and mobile. Our UX experts together with Olangy founders test various use cases and customer flows and as result Olangy got UI which best fit to their needs and goals.

Software development team created MVP of the project as a fast solution which allows Olangy founders to test thier hypothesis and raise investment round. After MVP Iteora Software Team has created web-service for desktop and mobile users and also native mobile applications for Android and iOS.

List of works
  • - IT consulting and strategy building
  • - Design and CI development
  • - UI/UX Development
  • - Infrastructure preparation
  • - Competitors analyze
  • - R&D works with streaming video
  • - External CDN connection
  • - Web Service software development
  • - Server-side software development
  • - Video streaming service
  • - Mobile Apps development
  • - 1-Tier technical support
Used Technologies
  • - C++
  • - Wowza Media Server
  • - CDN
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - PHP
  • - React.js
  • - ObjectiveC
  • - Java
  • - Android SDK

The results

Goals achieved.

Project was developed from scratch with R&D, Design and Software development.

Desktop and mobile platform

Powerful platform for foreign languages study has beed developed

Video Streaming

Video streaming working fast and stable on any device