Web-based billing solution for hosting and IP telecom companies.

The Solution combines in one interface and customers database billing systems for web-hosting and for IP telecom business. Iteora’s task was to provide a solution which can combine all aspects for these two different types of business and make working on the system comfortable and intuitive for the client’s staff.

Although it was challenging, we were able to develop software better than all "box" solutions on the market. Anna Sokolova, Project Manager

The challenge. Web-hosting, IP telephony and servers billing software

Before we started the Project, the client had no single billing system for his web-hosting and IP telecom business. The company used ready "box" solution which can work only with web-hosting and combines it with cPanel manually. For IP telecom they had another billing system. These two systems have no direct connections and it was not possible to give to the customers ability to use a single account which could allow a single balance to pay for web-hosting and IP telecom services. Another problem was the complexity of both systems. Customer’s employees need about 1-2 weeks of studying to start working with the system. For both billing system, a customer had to pay a license fee every year and fee's growing each year together with the growth of users’ database. Our task was to build a single solution for web-hosting and IP telecom accounting with a simple user interface.
Customer profile

VallHost Ltd - One of the leading Russian web-hosting and IP telecom providers working on Russian market since 2000 with more than 30,000 customers.

The Solution.

Billing software and custom development. Iteora's R&D team did a deep research of customers business processes and hardware used for IP-telecom services and web-hosting management. After preparing documentation, our design team started work on UI prototypes. Prototypes were done as "clickable" and we can check them together with customer employees. Thanks to employees for feedback, we were able to provide simple and intuitive interfaces. The solution working directly with CISCO routers in IP telecom side and with cPanel on hosting side which provided the following features:
  • Single accounting for customers of web-hosting and IP-telecom;
  • Activation and deactivation of the accounts;
  • Discount vouchers;
  • Selecting of the cheapest and best quality routes for IP telecom during calls;
  • Reports and analytics;
  • Changing packages, customer services customisation;
  • - R & D process with customers hardware
  • - UI/UX development
  • - Integration with CISCO routers
  • - Integration with hosting farms
  • - Integration with c
  • - Web frontend
  • - Web backend
Used Technologies
  • - PHP
  • - Erlang + Asterisk
  • - Perl
  • - Angular
  • - JavaScript

The results

Web-hosting and IP telephony

Iteora has built a single billing system for managing web-hosting and IP-telecom customers

Simple and intuitive for employees

New system much easier. After system deployment customer employees spent 70% less time to understand how to work with system.

Saving costs for customer

New system is cheaper. In long-term period customer will save up to 50% of costs in comparasion with old system.