Microsoft SharePoint based document management platform.

One of the largest SharePoint-based document management systems in Europe with over 100,000,000 documents working in insurance company.

SharePoint documents manager developer
It was a great pleasure to build from scratch, solution for a World class European insurance company. Projects like this are always inspiring. Nick Perumov, Project Manager

The challenge

Insurance businesses often deal with a lot of paper documents. These are really tons of papers to work on. So this Insurance company decided to advance to the latest advancement by going completely digital. And that was a big challenge for us, not only to implement the latest technologies and improve customer business but also to save the world and use less paper.
Customer profile

(Company name under NDA) - One of the leading insurance companies in the Europe and in Germany. They provide full list of insurance services and have more than 3000 employees.

The Solution

Iteora team made a deep R&D in all documents process on client side. We have programmed documentation for all incoming and outgoing documentation paths, storage requirements, search rules and simple user interface for the client’s employees. Based on this we have provide:
  • SharePoint based storage for more than 100,000,000 documents
  • Search engine to work with full documents database
  • Complete digitalization process for all incoming documents and letters
  • Guidelines and workflows for clients employees to follow digitalization processes
  • OCR process
  • Document sorting and categorizing
  • API for external applications
  • Web interface
  • - Document storage based on SharePoint
  • - More than 100,000,000 documents in database
  • - Search engine for documents storage
  • - Digitalization of complete incoming mails
  • - OCR process
  • - Web interface for access
  • - API for external access
Used Technologies
  • - SharePoint 2016 and Office 365
  • - .NET
  • - C#
  • - MS SQL Server
  • - Angular

The results

SharePoint Storage

SharePoint based storage for more than 100,000,000 documents

SharePoint Search

Search engine for documents storage

SharePoint - Paperless business

Company now deal with minimal amount of paper works