Custom CRM system for E-commerce company.

The project is a unique and powerful CRM system which, from one side has a flexible workflow engine, and from other side - working under high load and with big amounts of data. The system cover complete cycle of E-commerce products - order processing, documents generation, banks integration, reminders, a lot of 3rd party system connections and more.

We had an ambitious task - to build a CRM system for different types  of E-commerce products and offers. System shall have a wizard which allow to setup workflow for each product. But nobody knows which workflow will be used.

Andrew Parker, Project Manager

The challenge

The main challenge on these project was a problem that customer did not understood finally how this system should looks like. Iteora team make a good research and preliminary work with customer trying to define requirements and goals, but always something was missed. System should support workflows and customers lifecycle for at least 20 completely different products.

And as secondary goal - system should be a very flexible and modular - it should allow to make easy connections with any 3rd party software and should have a lot of additional services like PDF generation, OCR, Invoicing, SEPA and so on.

Customer profile

Globalpayments is a Netherlands company which are focused on online and e-commerce business on different markets. Company has dozens of products and hundret

The Solution

After long R&D sessions together with customer and attempts to build a documentation with defined goals and requirements we decided to change our approach to this project. Current way is not worked - customer always missed important details and he has not have all required information. Than we decided to build a project with fully customizable and flexible workflow wizard.

Thanks to this system - customer can run new products very fast. Workflow wizard system allow to define all required steps in business workflow for the product in visual way, setup reminders, notifications and invoices.

Core modular structure of the system allow us to build new modules for the system very fast and cheap for the customer. The CRM system under Iteora Team support more than 2 years and for this time a lot of modules was developed and deployed: OCR, External storages for files, PDF generation, Invoicing, SEPA, 15 banks connection, barcode's generation, barcode android scanner and more

List of works
  • - Business processes development
  • - System architecture
  • - CRM software development
  • - Server infrastructure design
  • - Server infrastructure integration and support
  • - Google Services connection
  • - Deutsche Post connection
  • - IP Telephony connection
  • - Export/Import data to 15 banks
  • - SEPA / Lastschrift, Stripe, Paypal, Sofort
  • - High Load optimizations
  • - Optical Recognition
  • - Android-based barcode scanner
Used Technologies
  • - Java
  • - PHP
  • - Python
  • - Angular.js
  • - SOAP / RESTful APIs
  • - C++
  • - Cordova

The results

Hundreds thousands of users

System works stable and fast more than 2 years already and it has served several hundreds thousands of users.

Workflow Wizard

Unique solution on the market which allows to build business processes and product logic just via web UI

Dozens of modules

Flexible modular architecture allows us to add new modules to the system very fast and cheap for the customer